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Join Us for Worship at 9:30 am In-Person and on RLC Live!

Juneau Alaska’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) downtown community dedicated to the spiritual growth in Christ and service to all people.



Welcome! We are easy to find – just two blocks off of the Douglas Bridge, at Glacier and 10th Avenue (740 W 10th Street) in downtown Juneau.  Near the Alaska Permanent Fund office building. Call us at 907-586-2380.  Our Worship is at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday with a variety of worship experiences each month.  We celebrate all people in our worship!



Worshiping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Under State of Alaska COVID-19 Plan Forward and Phase III/IV Guidance issued on May 22, 2020 we have resumed services in the church, provided we maintain six-foot social distancing in the sanctuary, and have updated our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan. Visit our COVID-19 Mitigation page for more information.

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RLC Live!

Remotely attend worship, meetings, Bible studies and other church events on RLC Live!  Click here for the schedule of our upcoming events you can attend remotely.

New! We have finally completed a major upgrade of our production capabilities. We are now live-streaming in high-definition with eight cameras, eight-track/32-channel audio and six-person production staff (we are always looking for additional production staff volunteers).  Please check us out!  We are planning on offering these capabilities to others in the community in the near future, including our video editing suite, eight-track recording studio and event video conferencing.

New!  Quick link to attend a Zoom event. | Quick link to attend a GoToMeeting event. | Quick link to our YouTube events.

Pray Requests


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Updates from the Office

New! Friday, July 31th Reminders.

You can find two different versions of a home communion service available to be lead by your head of household on this webpage.

RLC Food Panty

Open Mondays noon to 4:30, or until the food is gone. We often have less selection after the first hour. Sadly, a line starts forming around 11:00 am.

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The RLC Food Pantry is open on Mondays and is still allowing patrons to make food selections (rather than providing ore-bagged food).  We have adapted by giving out numbers, so our patrons will not have to stand in a line, and we have them come into the food pantry in small groups – to allow social distancing.

See the Food Banks Adapt to Coronavirus article  in the Juneau Empire quoting our own Pastor Karen Perkins.


Donations are Always Welcome

We are Juneau’s largest food pantry serving 100 to 200 Individuals and families each week, and accept donations of packaged food – protein (meats, beans, etc.) is especially welcome.  Easiest to donate on Mondays from 10 to  4.  However, call the church at (907) 586-2380 to arrange other times.  We also accept donations of your time.  Contact the church at And, of course, monetary donations are also appreciated: