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RLC Live! Meetings

RLC was the first worship community (on 3/22) in Juneau to react to the State’s mandate closing worship gatherings, by live streaming its worship services from its sanctuary.  It has continued to do so since then and is currently in the process of a major upgrade of its production capabilities, live-streaming in high-definition with eight cameras, eight-track/48-channel audio, six-person production staff and five-person worship team.  During the pandemic, the congregation focused on sharing its streaming worship service on the Internet with those outside the congregation who cannot attend church. RLC believes it has created a unique live-event in-person / online-worship experience (similar to the National Cathedral Episcopal service from Washington DC, which has about 12,000 viewers/week).

Juneau’s Only Multi-Camera Teleconferencing / Streaming Facilities





Using this multi-camera/audio channel audio studio in its large sanctuary, RLC has developed meeting and event video conferencing (live-streaming, Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx) capabilities which allow for social distancing for community groups and organizations who use the church’s meeting facilities.  Additionally, these capabilities will allow Juneau’s performing organizations to return to rehearsing and performing at the church. Click here to schedule your next meeting or event with RLC Live! Meetings.



More Information

Contact the church office or RLC Live! at for more information.