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Update from the Office

July 2, 2020

Good afternoon everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well and has had an opportunity to enjoy the nice weather that we will be blessed with for the upcoming 4th of July.
Office Closed in Honor of Independence Day

In honor of Independence Day on July 4th the offices will be closed July 3rd and will reopen on Monday July 6th.

Passing of Finn Larsen

Finn Larsen died early Sunday Morning, June 30. With sympathy for the family and confidence that has entered God’s eternal embrace, we acknowledge this great loss. As a longtime member of Resurrection, one of the brave and believing people, who shared the Gospel in this community, Finn will be deeply missed. No services are planned at this time.

Shift in Ashley’s Hours

  The shift in Ashley’s hours will begin on Monday, July 6.  Additionally, please follow the posted COVID-19 safety measures when staff is present, and really, anytime you are not alone in the office.  See our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan for more information.

History Tidbits

Thomas, Apostle
Friday, July 3, 2020
Though frequently remembered as “doubting Thomas,” this apostle also demonstrated a willingness to suffer and die with Jesus (John 11:16), and finally claimed the risen Christ as “my Lord and my God!” By tradition, he later worked as a missionary in India. Long commemorated on December 21, Thomas’s celebration is moved to July 3 in agreement with ecumenical calendars.
Jan Hus, martyr, died 1415
Monday, July 6, 2020
Hus was a Bohemian (present-day Czech Republic) priest who spoke against abuses in the church, and was seen by Martin Luther as his predecessor in the reforming movement. He was found guilty of heresy by a council of the church, and burned at the stake.
Benedict of Nursia, Abbot of Monte Cassino, died around 540
Saturday, July 11, 2020
Benedict is known as the father of the Western monastic movement. Educated in Rome, he went to live as a hermit, and eventually gathered a community of monks around him. He wrote a rule for living in monasteries that is used by Benedictines and adapted by others.

Home Communion

Here are are two different versions of a home communion service available to be lead by your head of household:

Holy Communion is never a spectator sport where only a few are privileged to partake.  Including Holy Communion in a virtual service with no instruction on how those viewer might partake leans heavily into a Roman Catholic understanding of the Eucharist, and even more poignantly, right now the Roman Catholic Church is asking their members to keep the fast from the Eucharist until we can gather again.

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