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Office Updates

November 6, 2020

Grants, Grants and More Grants…

As with others in Juneau, RLC has been successful in obtaining CARES (Covid-19) grants (almost $90K in total).  These grants must be used for items related to the pandemic as applied for in our grant applications (and can not be used for the general budget).  This grant money will support the RLC Food Pantry with some new equipment (a new coffee maker, vacuum sealer, cart, etc.), RLC Live! with its production equipment and RLC Safe Space for Schooling with the renovation of the downstairs with new flooring (except the kitchen areas), and new paint (some done by contractor and some painting by us).  All this work needs to be completed by early December under the various grants.

RLC Food Pantry

Unfortunately, between the havoc caused by the Sunday snow and Monday morning power outage, the food pantry team decided it could not open last Monday (and we remotely received some strong feedback from those showed up on the new RING video bell – provided under the RLC SSS grant – ☺).  However, we plan to be open this Monday, and the renovations contractor downstairs is making sure that we can setup during our operating hours, while he continues renovation the remainder of the week.

Food Challenges

In honor Victoria Beebe Bay’s 2nd (24 month) birthday, she is making a food challenge for 24 packages of Mac and Cheese and Spam (her current favorite foods).

Lucy Merrell has purchased all her contribution for her “anything Italian” 72nd birthday food challenge.  So time to step up!  Remember, these RLC Food Pantry donations can include pasta, pasta sauce, pizza crust, pizzas, parmesan cheese, Spaghetti O’s, and canned ravioli.

RLC Safe Space for Schooling

Open now!  However, we are still hiring additional staff – apply here.

Resurrection Lutheran Church Safe Space for Schooling Program (RLC SSS Program) is a no-charge (funded under an Alaska State CARES Grant) drop-in program for students (1st grade to 12th grade) who need school space with:

  • Internet access and printers
  •  schoolwork and tech help
  • breakfast and lunch
  • clean and safe environment

Join Us Online for Fellowship After Worship


RLC Live! worship attendees (actually, anyone else also) are invited join those online and those in the sanctuary for fellowship by Zoom.




Historical Tidbits

John Christian Frederick Heyer, died 1873; Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg, died 1719; Ludwig Nommensen, died 1918; missionaries

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Heyer was the first missionary sent out by American Lutherans. After teaching at Gettysburg College and Seminary he was assigned to the Andhra region of India. A worker among the Tamil people on the southeast coast of India, Ziegenbalg was opposed both by local Hindus and by Danish authorities who favored a different missionary style. He was known for caring about the welfare of the whole person. Nommensen was born in northern Germany and was sent to Sumatra as a Lutheran missionary. Working among the Batak people, he translated the scriptures into their language, and honored their native culture.

Martin, Bishop of Tours, died 397

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Martin’s pagan father enlisted him in the Roman army. Approached by a beggar, Martin cut his cloak in half and gave part to the man, whom he later understood as representing Christ. He asked to leave the army, but was jailed instead. After his release, he became a preacher, and later a bishop.

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, teacher, died 1855

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Kierkegaard was a Danish theologian whose writings also gave rise to the modern philosophy of existentialism. He frequently attacked the complacency of the state church of his day, as well as its desire to be accepted by polite society rather than be a stumbling block.

Home Communion

Here are are two different versions of a home communion service available to be lead by your head of household:

Holy Communion is never a spectator sport where only a few are privileged to partake.  Including Holy Communion in a virtual service with no instruction on how those viewer might partake leans heavily into a Roman Catholic understanding of the Eucharist, and even more poignantly, right now the Roman Catholic Church is asking their members to keep the fast from the Eucharist until we can gather again.